Your idea, my implementation

Do you have an idea for a project? Want to see it in action so you can test it?

Contact me to discuss your idea.

Bootstrap your project.

We will discuss your idea and as the project evolves I will come up with creative solutions so I can build exactly what you need. No need to wait months to find out if you're on the right track, depending on the size of the project, a working version will be ready for you to test within a few weeks (in some cases within days).

Python & Django

I use Python and Django to implement your project quickly so you can get immediate feedback on your product or service. Because they are open source, they allow me to create your project with a minimum amount of code. They also allow me to fully utilize the wide range of open source technology that is already available.


Worried about how much it will cost? Since every project is different, it can be difficult to estimate costs beforehand. Sometimes things can go quicker than expected and other times you can get stuck on a problem, that's the nature of software development. However, I have experience with many different kinds of project so I can use historical data to give you a realistic estimation of the costs. I charge per hour and you will have direct access to my timekeeping sheets so you can keep track of the costs.

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